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As India continues to urbanize, city planning should anticipate water scarcity and engage local resources to ensure citizens have access to clean, drinkable water. (Photo: VasenkaPhotography / Flickr)
Managing Water Resources With Urban Design in India
India is undergoing rapid urbanization: within fifteen years, about 600 million Indians will live in urban areas. Given that cities practically run on water, India must find a way to route clean, reliable water supplies to its citizens, helping meet their needs for ...
India faces a choice: It could either continue to build increasingly sprawling and inefficient cities or embrace well-designed and people-focused models. Photo by Padmanaba01.
Smart urban design for India’s sustainable future
Indore’s new Bus Rapid Transit system, the iBus, recently completed a successful run of a hundred days. This system is not just a first in the city, but also in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The iBus spans an 11.4-kilometer ...
Has the bus rapid transit tipping point arrived in India?
Has the bus rapid transit tipping point arrived in India?
Ahmedabad’s bus rapid transit system served as a model for Indore’s new iBus. Photo by Meena Kadri. During my first visit to India in 2006, I presented Latin American experiences with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) at a conference organized by ...