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Seoul, South Korea's pojangmacha are an example of street food done right. These "take-away carts" provide a useful example of how an active street culture and urban mobility can thrive together. Photo by Daniel Kriske.
Street food and urban mobility thrive together in Seoul
Walk down any major street in Seoul, South Korea, after dark and you’re more than likely to find carts with distinctive colorful awnings lining the sidewalk. The wafting steam and smells lure customers in, creating an inviting atmosphere where college ...
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New Report: High Rates of Per Capita Emissions in Global Cities, Especially Among Affluent
“If all production- and consumption-based emissions that result from lifestyle and purchasing are included, urban residents and their associated affluence likely account for more than 80 percent of the world’s GHG emissions,” says a new report, “Cities and Greenhouse Gas ...