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Taxis emerge in Indian Cities during Phase 1 and 2. Saad Akhtar/Flickr
50 Shades of Shared: How For-Hire Vehicles Got Their Start in India
India’s urban transport sector has seen tremendous change in the last 15 years. This series examines the evolution of for-hire vehicles (FHVs), the regulatory response to it and its place in the mobility network of the future. Street-hail vehicles dominated ...
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A Women Travels by Bus in India. Photo by Benoit Colin/EMBARQ/Flickr
Why it is Key to Include Gender Equality in Transport Design
A 1996 iconic study from Vienna, Austria explored why there were fewer girls (above age nine) in public parks as compared to the number of boys. The researchers concluded that the boys were more assertive in their use of the ...
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Auto-rickshaws are a quintessential feature of Indian cities and a crucial form of transport for millions of urban residents. The Rickshaw Rising Challenge seeks innovative ideas from Indian business endeavors that have the potential to revolutionize the country’s auto-rickshaw sector. Photo by Larry Johnson.
Rickshaw Rising Challenge: Revolutionizing urban mobility in India
Do you have a business solution that has the potential to deliver large-scale improvements in quality of service, access, safety, environmental impact, and livelihoods in India’s auto-rickshaw sector? The Rickshaw Rising Challenge is calling for applications from Indian business endeavors that have ...