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Passengers ride Ahmedabad, India's bus rapid transit (BRT) system, the Janmarg, which has dramatically altered the city's transport network. Photo by EMBARQ.
Friday Fun: Even floating yogis take the Janmarg
Today’s Friday Fun brings you a colorful and cheeky animated short from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy’s (ITDP) India office called JAM, presenting Ahmedabad’s award-winning bus rapid transit (BRT) system – the Janmarg. The film, made by Ketaki ...
Start Young on BRTS Social Media Promotion
Start Young on BRTS Social Media Promotion
 Photo via the Sustainable Cities Collective. India is a young nation. More than half of its 1.2 billion people are under the age of 25, and two-thirds are below 35. According to an estimate, 85 percent of young India is ...
Has the bus rapid transit tipping point arrived in India?
Has the bus rapid transit tipping point arrived in India?
Ahmedabad’s bus rapid transit system served as a model for Indore’s new iBus. Photo by Meena Kadri. During my first visit to India in 2006, I presented Latin American experiences with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) at a conference organized by ...
Trial runs launched on the iBus bus rapid transit corridor, Indore, India. Photo by Dario Hidalgo.
iBus, a new BRT changing the transport landscape in Indore, India
Last month, India’s newest bus rapid transit (BRT) system – iBus – launched trial operations in Indore. Over the last seven years, the implementing agency, Atal Indore City Transport Services Limited (AICTSL) worked closely with several public and private agencies, ...
Children play in Mumbai, India. Photo by EMBARQ.
5 keys to sustainable development in Indian cities
By Holger Dalkmann and Ashwin Prabhu — this post also appears in WRI Insights Indian cities are urbanizing at an unprecedented scale and pace. Over the next few decades, India’s urban population is expected to increase significantly, from 377 million in 2011 ...
Chowpatty cityscape, Mumbai, India. Photo by Tom Spender.
Connecting sustainable transport to urban development in India
In 2011, nearly 350 million people lived in Indian cities. More than 300 million new residents will join them over the next few decades to become part of the new urban India. This population boom will stress an already-pressured urban infrastructure ...
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