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Jaywalking. Photo by Gateway Streets.
Pedestrian Infrastructure Essential to Safer Roads Worldwide
  The rapidly growing car culture in Mumbai has led officials and urban planners to compromise pedestrian infrastructure for car-centric and congestion-easing strategies. According to the Times of India, although 44 percent of citizens walk some distance to work, the ...
Friday Fun: Commuters Slide to Metro in Utrecht
Friday Fun: Commuters Slide to Metro in Utrecht
HIK Ontwerpers, an Utrecht-based design firm, installed slides at the Overvecht Station to help passengers catch their trains. Officially called a “transfer accelerator,” the slide is part of a set of urban installations. Previous to the installation, the Overvecht Station ...
Photo by Nicola Jones.
Research Recap, July 6: Pollution-Reducing Rail, Public Transit Efficiency, Green San Francisco
Welcome to “Research Recap,” our series highlighting recent reports, studies and other findings in sustainable transportation policy and practice, in case you missed it. Urban Rail Reduces Air Pollution Professors Alexander Whalley and Yihsu Chen at the University of California, ...
Photo by Paulo Fehlauer.
IDB to Invest $6 Billion in World Cup Host Cities
A version of this post was originally published by Maria Fernanda Cavalcanti in Portuguese onTheCityFix Brasil on July 1, 2011. Brazil recently announced a financial partnership with Japan that involves a contract of up to $3 billion to be invested ...
Photo by Nathan Bush
Friday Fun: Solar-Powered Benches for Public Spaces
Ross Lovegrove, an industrial engineer known for his work with organic forms and structures, creates innovative benches with solar lights to occupy public spaces. With 360 solar cells and LED technology, the Solar Tree collects energy during the day and ...
Climbing 164 Stairs in Medellin, Colombia
Climbing 164 Stairs in Medellin, Colombia
Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Residents of the La Independencia neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia walk up and down more than 10 flights of stairs every day. Many habitants of the community Comuna 13 are elderly people or mothers with children. However, ...
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