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The Case for Streetcars
The Case for Streetcars
Almost 50 years ago, streetcars in Washington, D.C. stopped running and most of their tracks were removed. Now they’re back and ready for a revival, with parts of the first two lines slated to open next spring. In this post, we talk ...
The "Harvest City," a vision for post-earthquake Haiti. Photo via Huffington Post.
Floating City for Haiti: Does it Hold Water?
Floating cities may seem like science fiction, but for some architects and planners, the concept is a real consideration for sustainable urban design, especially  for coastal city-dwellers who face rising sea levels and climatic disasters that demand alternatives to existing ...
Flooding in Pakistan. Photo by the United Nations Development Programme.
Adapting to Climate Change: Is Our Transport Infrastructure Robust Enough?
In the wake of  the Cancun climate negotiations, we thought it would be interesting to examine some of the likely impacts of climate change on transportation infrastructure. “Rising sea levels, greater weather variability, and more extreme weather events like hurricanes, permafrost thawing, ...
Austin, TX, is one of the cities that has benefitted from IBM's Smarter Cities initiative. Photo by John Rogers.
IBM Helps Cities Become Smarter
Congestion pricing to reduce traffic and pollution; water systems that automatically detect leaks in pipelines and notify authorities; food that is tracked from farms to supermarkets to ensure food safety. These are some of the recent technological advances that are ...
Image by Wired.
The Future of Sustainable Urban Mobility: Switch to IT Networks
This post is part of a series analyzing the solutions highlighted in the report and toolkit, “Megacities on the Move.” The report, written by Forum for the Future in partnership with FIA Foundation, Vodafone, and EMBARQ, offers six sustainable mobility ...
New York City's new-ish First Avenue bike lane.
The Complexities of a Biking Transition and the New York City Backlash
On November 22 and November 23, 2010, The New York Times gave biking in New York City significant coverage in print. The paper wrote about the city’s plans for a cross-borough bike share system. And then a day later how ...
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