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Millennials Walk Away from Cars
Millennials Walk Away from Cars
We recently addressed car-centric orientations and designs of urban areas and the associated road safety and economic concerns. But the car as an object took a backseat in the discussions. But lest we neglect the opportunity this week, we’re dedicating ...
Is your city a leader in innovative thinking? Photo by Thorsten Becker.
IBM Hosts Twitter Talk to Promote Smarter Cities Challenge 2012
Did you catch yesterday’s Twitter chat on what it takes to be a smarter city? To promote its 2012 Smarter Cities Challenge, IBM hosted a discussion with Stanley S. Litow, IBM’s vice president of corporate citizenship and corporate affairs and ...
Rare earth minerals used to produce hybrids like this Toyota Prius have detrimental effects on the environment. Photo by Roadsidepictures.
Rare Earth Minerals Making Hybrid Cars Even Rarer?
China announced this week that it would tighten production and exports of rare earth minerals – a misnomer for a category of about 15 metallic elements on the periodic table that are, in fact, not actually scarce.  The rarity of ...