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Green spaces in cities, such as New York's High Line, promote an active, sustainable lifestyle for city residents. Photo by David Berkowitz/Flickr.
World Urban Forum highlights opportunities for sustainable cities
In recent months, popular protests have broken out in cities around the globe. The causes were different: soaring pollution in Beijing; violent gender-based crime in New Delhi; and access to public services in São Paulo. But, for each, inequality was ...
Innovative "park connectors" through the urban tree canopy have helped Singapore become "a city in a garden." Photo courtesy of Biophilic Cities Project.
More bugs, more plants: a crash course on biophilic cities
We need nature even more these days. As more people live in cities, nature offers a potent remedy to many of the environmental, economic, and emotional challenges presented by urban living. To address this, a new approach to urbanism has ...
Photo by Johnathan Lopez.
Research Recap, November 28: Public Transit Saves, Necessary Electrics, The Cost of Air Pollution
Welcome to “Research Recap,” our series highlighting recent reports, studies and other findings in sustainable transportation policy and practice, in case you missed it. Public Transit Saves The American Transportation Association (APTA) released its monthly “Transit Savings Report,” outlining how ...
Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt.
No Room to Play in Cities?
A new report published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that school-aged children living in high-density and well-connected neighborhoods are less likely to be physically active outside of school. The study looked at the physical ...
Friday Fun: Temporary Urban Gardens
Friday Fun: Temporary Urban Gardens
As an entry to the 2009 edition of the International Garden Competition in Bilbao, Spain, landscape and urban designer Diana Balmori and her studio entered the temporary urban garden project. The proposal is a garden of contrasts, between native and ...
Photo by Abby Yao.
Urban Green Space Key in Improving Air Quality
A new study out of the University of Kent in the UK found that a 10 percent increase in urban tree coverage in mid-size cities, like Leicester, can absorb about 12 percent of carbon emissions, contributing to cleaner air. The ...
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