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“Zero Emission Electric Car”, or just an Elsewhere Emission Car? Photo by Lee Schipper.
What’s Schipper Saying? Expanding Choices for Car Consumers and the True Cost of Wasting Energy
Welcome to another installment of “What’s Schipper Saying?”, a collection of comments about sustainable transport, cities and fuel efficiency made by Lee Schipper, a senior research engineer at the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center of Stanford University and the founder of ...
How will auto rickshaws (the black-topped vehicles in the center of the roadway) fit into tomorrow's transportation systems in Indian cities?  Photo: jaroslavd.
The Role of Auto Rickshaws in Modern Indian Cities
In recent years, auto rickshaws have been a topic of endless controversy in India. Proponents maintain that they are a vital mode of transport in Indian cities, providing low-cost mobility and connecting travelers to mass transit and even directly to ...
Policy makers will need to increase fuel taxes to curb the growth in VMT that drives transportation emissions, says a new report.  Photo: respres, flickr.
Fuel Tax Increase Necessary to Cut Transportation Emissions
Raising the price of gas to $7 per gallon may be necessary to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2020 targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 14 percent, says a new report from Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and ...
Bike rack at Georgetown University. Photo by Patricio Chile.
U.S. Colleges Score Big on Sustainable Transportation
Is the recession putting the brakes on sustainable transportation projects? Not at colleges and universities, it seems. The 2010 College Sustainability Report Card, released earlier this month, gave 105 institutions an “A” for transportation. Only 34 schools received that grade ...
CGI Live Blogging: Cash For Clunkers “Not a Silver Bullet”
CGI Live Blogging: Cash For Clunkers “Not a Silver Bullet”
Cash for Clunkers program – funded with $3 billion of U.S. government money – was launched as a commitment at last year’s CGI Annual Meeting? Jack Hidary, chairman of, a nonprofit coalition of organizations dedicated to promoting clean technology ...
Yellow-Carded Vehicles Banned from Beijing’s Streets
Yellow-Carded Vehicles Banned from Beijing’s Streets
To control pollution from a growing population of 3.7 million cars, Beijing today began prohibiting high-emission vehicles from entering the city limits. This latest measure is part of an ongoing plan to improve Beijing’s air quality post-Olympics. While high-emission cars ...
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