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Three communities across the globe revitalized their fresh food markets to improve local access to affordable, healthy food and keep residents employed. (Photo: Harvey Barrison/ Flickr)
Friday Fun: Three Neighborhoods Revitalize Their Fresh Food Markets
“If you want to seed a place with activity, put out food.” – William H. Whyte. Packed with food, music and flowers, some fresh food markets have become popular tourist destinations in cities worldwide. Travelers weary of big-box supermarkets and ...
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Seoul, South Korea's pojangmacha are an example of street food done right. These "take-away carts" provide a useful example of how an active street culture and urban mobility can thrive together. Photo by Daniel Kriske.
Street food and urban mobility thrive together in Seoul
Walk down any major street in Seoul, South Korea, after dark and you’re more than likely to find carts with distinctive colorful awnings lining the sidewalk. The wafting steam and smells lure customers in, creating an inviting atmosphere where college ...
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Food trucks like the Fojol Brothers' can enliven urban spaces, but regulators haven't figured out how to treat them yet.  Photo: jsmjr, Flickr.
Food Trucks: Tasty, But Tricky
Yesterday morning, Prince of Petworth pointed out the opening of DC’s newest food truck, Sauca.  You can track its location here. Sauca is the latest addition to our local food cart explosion, joining the likes of the Fojol Brothers, SweetFlow ...