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Flooded coastal cities following Hurricane Harvey. Photo by Daniel J. Martinez/The National Guard/Flickr
After the Deluge: How Houston Can Rebuild With Resilience
As southeast Texas residents and officials conduct what’s certain to be a grim accounting of Hurricane Harvey’s deadly impacts, they will also turn their attention to rebuilding and recovery. When they do, they will face a clear choice: whether to ...
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Strengthening resilience in cities like Dhaka, Bangladesh is vital to protecting vulnerable populations from flooding exacerbated by climate change. Photo by Shawn/Flickr.
Should we inch or stride towards urban resilience?
Cities in the 21st century face two monumental shifts: growing urban populations and a rapidly changing climate. As the world’s urban population nears five billion, cities will need to build more infrastructure in the first 30 years of this millennium ...
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As the impacts of climate change intensify, cities can learn from best practices to become more resilient to climate impacts. Photo by Fede Cabrera/Flickr.
Three climate adaptation lessons from Brazil’s cities
Brazil’s cities, home to 85% of the country’s population, are already feeling the effects of climate change. Intense rains and floods in Rio de Janeiro are causing fatal landslides with high social and infrastructure costs. Temperatures are climbing to record-breaking highs in Porto ...
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By gconservancy.
Earth Day 2013: transport as a solution in the face of climate change
With the theme of Earth Day 2013 being, the Face of Climate Change, TheCityFix discusses how transport can play an integral role in solutions to help mitigate climate change and its deadly effects. For the thousands of residents in the Chicagoland area ...
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Monsoon rains can bring a city like New Delhi to a standstill. Photo by Shriya Malhotra.
Monsoons and Recurring Transport Nightmares for Delhi
Monsoons are a seasonal reality for Indian cities. These rains vary by region and extend from June to September. The rains are not heavy in all places and do not fall all the time. Yet every year, the experience for ...
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Local residents call this pedestrian bridge "the metro." Photo by Ocha Colombia.
Riosucio’s “Metro” is Colombia’s Longest Pedestrian Bridge
The municipality of Riosucio (“Dirty River”), located in Northwest Colombia in the Chocó State, floods annually. The ancestral fishing village has traditionally dealt with this yearly problem by building informal plank bridges that citizens must carefully walk across to reach their destination. To mitigate ...
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