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Bangalore Bus Network. Photo by Benoit Colin / WRI / Flickr
On-demand Buses in India: Opportunities and Challenges in Implementation
Imagine hailing a bus through a smartphone application in India for your daily commute from home to college or work. On-demand transportation leverages technology to connect a bus in the vicinity with a passenger looking to travel in the same ...
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Rickshaw fare regulation has caused some users to shift their mode of transport from private vehicles to auto-rickshaws in Chennai, though further reforms are necessary to address drivers’ concerns. Photo by Morgan Schmorgan/Flickr.
Can auto-rickshaw fare reform in Chennai lead users to choose sustainable transport?
Chennai, India has long been notorious for its lawless auto-rickshaw drivers. On August 25, 2013, the Tamil Nadu state government sought to change this perception by reforming rickshaw fare structures for the first time in 17 years. The government was ...
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Boarding El Metropolitano BRT in Lima, Peru. Photo by EMBARQ.
Q&A with Hernan Navarro: Lima’s El Metropolitano BRT
In a capital city with 8 million inhabitants, not only was Lima’s advanced bus system the first of its kind in the country, but it also provides valuable lessons for the rest of Latin America. Building on the Lima experience, ...
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A-Rix Meter is one of the Photo by A-Rix Meter.
Smartphone Apps Ease Auto-Rickshaw Rides in Mumbai
This blog post is a part of the catalyzing new mobility program and receives support from The Rockefeller Foundation. In a city as large as Mumbai—with a population of more than 12 million people—transportation can be a challenge. While residents have ...
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Sydney's transport authority may offer free rides to lure more passengers. Photo by Beau Giles.
Sydney Considers Free Fares on Early Morning Trains
Sydney’s new infrastructure authority, Infrastructure New South Wales (Infrastructure NSW), is looking at a range of options to reduce peak hour congestion. At an industry conference on November 15, agency officials suggested providing free train fares between midnight and 7:00 ...
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Photo by Umang Jain.
Jaipur City Bus Service: Cost-Effective, Efficient, Attractive
  Umang Jain, a transport specialist with EMBARQ India, reflects on the creation of a public-private partnership for Jaipur City Bus Service. The Ministry of Urban Development in India sanctioned 400 buses for Jaipur at a cost of Rs 142 crore ...
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