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Children play in the streets of ITI Colony, as the roads are absent of the automotive congestion plaguing the rest of the city. Photo by Amartya Deb
What an Indian Town Shows Us About Integrated and Accessible Cities
Bangalore, India’s third largest city with 8.5 million people and a decadal growth rate of 46 percent, is known for its rapid, modern development driven by electronic and software enterprises. In the last decade, quaint neighborhoods have transformed into high-rise ...
Groups like the Seatbelt Crew combine education and entertainment to get automobile drivers on Mumbai, India's crowded roads to buckle-up. Photo by Jerry H./Flickr.
Friday Fun: Mumbai’s Seatbelt Crew wants you to buckle up
Imagine it’s a hot, sunny day in Mumbai, India. Traffic is stopped. As you watch people passing by, suddenly a group of hijras – sometimes referred to as India’s transgender “third sex” – in matching saris file into the streets ...
Combining environmental education with cycling helps children make sustainable mobility a life long decision. Photo by Nasos Efstathiadis/Flickr.
Educating the next generation for sustainable mobility
Today’s children are inheriting an environmental crisis – a simultaneous combination of depleting resources and increasing pollution. Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE), launched in 2003 by the European Commission, seeks to find sustainability initiatives around the region that can help Europe’s ...
Chicago, one of five cities to receivePhoto by Nimesh Madhavan.
Apply Now for the Bloomberg Innovation Delivery Fellowship
Bloomberg Philanthropies is investing $24 million over three years to enable five cities—Atlanta, Ga.; Chicago, Ill.; Louisville, Ky.; Memphis, Tenn.; and New Orleans, La.—to recruit and hire top tier talent to staff their teams. As part of this investment, the ...
CACS Highlights: Winner of Road Safety
CACS Highlights: Winner of Road Safety
This post is part of TheCityFix’s series, “CACS Highlights,” introducing the winners of the Active Cities, Healthy Cities (or “CACS,” its acronym in Spanish and Portuguese) competition. These public projects aim to transform the lives of millions of people through building healthy ...
ALC-BRT is conducting a survey to better assess the needs of the BRT industry. Photo by action datsun.
New Surveys: Improving Bus Rapid Transit Education
The Across Latitudes and Cultures – Bus Rapid Transit (ALC-BRT) Centre of Excellence for Bus Rapid Transit development is conducting a survey among transport professionals to understand the disconnect between the industry’s needs in technical skills and the actual skills of the ...
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