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Cities depend on each street and park to be a place that people want to be. Photo by La Citta Vita / Flickr
Public Spaces: The Economic and Symbolic Value
Our impressions of a city are formed mainly by the quality of public spaces. If they are not pleasant and preserved, or if they transmit a sense of insecurity, we will seldom return. Good planning of these spaces should be the rule, ...
Chengdu, China encourages cycling and walking to mitigate air pollution from fossil fuels. Photo by Richy / Fickr
China’s Clean Air Challenge: $3 Billion Air Pollution from Transport in Chengdu
This is the third installment of WRI’s China’s Clean Air Challenge blog series. This series examines the increasing social, environmental and economic impacts of the serious air quality challenge in Chinese cities and investigates the sources of emissions and sustainable ...
New York City, like many cities around the globe, is reshaping the design of its waterfront to be increasingly resilient to rising sea levels and an unpredictable climate. Photo by Stefan Georgi/Flickr.
Planning for climate change and the urban future
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and ICLEI, the largest worldwide association of local governments, released a study last week showing how climate change has become a priority for cities across the globe. Entitled the “Urban Climate Change Governance Survey,” ...
Consumers in developing countries like China place owning a luxury car at the top of their priorities. Photo by Tom Spender.
Research Recap, July 16: “Green Guilt,” Healthy Transport, Access to Jobs, Wild Weather Extremes
Welcome to “Research Recap,” our series highlighting recent reports, studies and other findings in sustainable transportation policy and practice, in case you missed it. Green Guilt The National Geographic Society, publisher of National Geographic Magazine,  released its annual Greendex Survey, a ...
600 cities will contribute $30 trillion in economic growth by 2025, increasing global consumption for energy and transportation.
McKinsey Reports on the Exploding Urban Economy
The McKinsey Global Institute, an initiative of management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, last week released, “Urban World: Cities and the rise of the consuming class,” a report detailing the global consumption patterns of the earth’s most economically productive 600 ...
Photo by Asian Development Bank.
12 Things to Know About Transport in 2012
This post was originally published on the Asian Development Bank blog by Ko Sakamoto on March 14, 2012. Asia’s rapidly growing economies require significant investments in transport infrastructure and services, plus policies and strategies to promote sustainable transport. Here are ...
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