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Audi AG is currently accepting applications for a six-week Future of Mobility Practicum at their headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. The practicum offers 12 students the opportunity to find the next innovative ideas to help solve global problems in transportation and urban living. Photo by Audi AG.
Students, check out Audi’s Future of Mobility Practicum in Germany
Undergrad or masters’ students in engineering, design, or computer science and U.S. citizens: this one is for you. Since TheCityFix readers are on the front lines of shaping future urban mobility, we wanted to announce an opportunity from Audi AG, ...
The National Association of City Transportation Officials' Urban Street Design Guide marks a big step forward in advancing a people-oriented approach to transport policies. Photo by University City District.
New toolkit provides cities with innovative street design guidelines
Urban streets are getting a makeover. In many cities worldwide, bike share stations have usurped parking for private vehicles. Protected bike lanes are replacing traffic lanes, while the unwieldy, barren intersections of yesteryear are being reinvigorated as vibrant plazas for ...
Friday Fun: A Los Angeles cycling highway?
Friday Fun: A Los Angeles cycling highway?
“The South California towns, Los Angeles and Pasadena, are now connected by the strangest and most interesting of links-a magnificent, elevated cycle-way, with a smooth surface of wood, running for nine miles through beautiful country, flanked by green hills, and ...
A view from the Empire State Building. By asterix611.
Friday Fun: Printing our buildings?
3D printing, the process by which objects are produced entirely from a digital model and then “printed” in successive layers, has come a long way. You may remember we did a post on this back in May 2011 on 3D ...
Friday Fun: Bus Stops Crackle, Swing
Friday Fun: Bus Stops Crackle, Swing
In the modern cityscape, the bus stop is dismissed as an object without artistic merit. Ubiquitous and simultaneously invisible -unless a delay forces the commuter’s eye-  few people recognize bus stops as places that can make a meaningful contribution to ...
The whole of San Francisco, as viewed from the Bay Bridge.
Friday Fun: The Art of the Urban Unknown – An Empty San Francisco
  A place without people does not a city make. If you’ve ever been to San Francisco,  you know that the urbanscape is brimming with tourists, joggers, cyclists, the jet-set and sweater-wearing locals alike. Peppering the roadways are an impressive ...
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