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Biking in Odense, Denmark. Photo by Rhys Thom / Flickr
With Mobile App Rewards for Cycling and Walking, Would You Continue to Drive?
Modern technology has revolutionized the way people interact with urban mobility and their cities. People’s movements have become inextricably linked with technology, in particular their smartphones. Today’s technology can call a car service, track your movement, alert you when the ...
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WRI’s Andrew Steer and Claudia Adriazola on the Pennsylvania Avenue biketrack. Photo by WRI/Flickr
Urban Biking Advice from Copenhagen, Portland and Beyond
Does the future of city transport roll on two wheels? After a nearly three-mile bike ride from World Resources Institute to Washington’s National Press Club, advocates of city cycling offered advice on how to make bicycles a healthy, economical, environmentally ...
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Copenhagen, Denmark, is welcoming for both pedestrians and bikers because of the people-centered urban design principles that Jan Gehl spearheaded. Photo by Justin Swan/Flickr.
Urbanism Hall of Fame: Jan Gehl integrates humanity into urban design
This is the fourth entry in the Urbanism Hall of Fame series, exclusive to TheCityFix. This series is intended to inform people about the leading paradigms surrounding sustainable transport and urban planning and the thinkers behind them. By presenting their many ...
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A passenger navigates Copenhagen’s streets on one of the new “smart bikes”. Gobike, Copenhagen’s new public shared bicycle scheme, is the first bikeshare system to integrate intelligent transport system (ITS) elements into its design. Photo courtesy of Gobike.
Smart public bikeshare: The wise man’s means of transportation
Urban mobility systems are made to accommodate current mobility needs, and provide access and opportunities in cities. However, increasing urbanization and motorization – occurring primarily in developing countries – are contributing to a growing global challenge for transport planners and ...
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The simple beauty of integrated sustainable transport is captured here by RAFAA's concept for a revamped bikeshare system in Copenhagen.
Friday Fun: Fusing Bikes Into Copenhagen’s Landscape
Copenhagen has often been featured here for bike-related fun. From a suburban cycle super highway to an urban bicycle library, Denmark’s capital has truly established itself as a biker’s paradise for its good deeds done for pedals. A Swiss firm ...
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Photo by andrew j. cosgriff.
The Basics on Congestion: Singapore, London, Copenhagen
Thanks to, I’ve come across a great video from the Mexican office of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy. It nicely sums up in less than four minutes the glaring and basic problem with non-integrated and car-centered design. ...
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