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Summer farm stand. Photo by Catskills Grrl.
Maryland Getting Rid of Farm Stands, Destroying Public Realm
Roads are public spaces that we built and pay for so that cars and trucks can quickly move people and goods around. That’s true. It’s even a good thing! The kind of mobility that engines give us has radically transformed ...
Virginia State Capitol. Photo by Synthetic Dreamer.
Make VA Gov. Candidates Talk About Sustainable Transportation
The Post has both an article and an editorial today comparing Creigh Deeds and Bob McDonnell’s transportation plans. These are good, informative documents, providing more political context, though less detail, than TheCityFix DC’s write-up of the candidates’ transportation plans. Most ...
Federal Triangle in 1935. Image from Cornell University Library, via Flickr.
Innovation In A Company Town
2thinknow, an Australian company that sells information about cities, released their list of what they consider to be the 75 most innovative world cities. D.C. ranked 15th in the world. These rankings are a mixed bag and access to the ...
Planning map in England. Photo by missinginadventure.
When Do We Get Regional Planning?
One of the problems with transportation policy is that it is bogglingly opaque. The multiplication of planning boards and oversight boards and quasi-public authorities and the immense decision-making power awarded to the bureaucrats in planning and transportation departments make it ...
RFK Stadium. Photo by angela n.
Stadiums Don't Drive Economic Development
Jonathan O’Connell of the Washington Business Journal is reporting that in addition to Poplar Point, D.C. United is looking at building a stadium at Buzzard Point, a site in Southwest that is mostly trying to sell itself as a good ...
National Airport a Key Part of D.C.'s Sustainable Transport System
National Airport a Key Part of D.C.'s Sustainable Transport System
It’s been quite wonderful to watch huge swaths of the planning community get suckered by the Manhattan Airport Foundation. This prank, which suggests turning Central Park into an airport, won some utterly serious howls of indignation. It also sparked a ...
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