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How bicycle-friendly is your city?
How bicycle-friendly is your city?
Cyclists ride in Copenhagen, the second most bike-friendly city in the world. Photo by Copenhagenize Design Co. Last month, Copenhagenize Design Co., a consulting firm specializing in bicycle advocacy, announced their ranking of the 20 most bicycle-friendly cities in the ...
Friday Fun: A Los Angeles cycling highway?
Friday Fun: A Los Angeles cycling highway?
“The South California towns, Los Angeles and Pasadena, are now connected by the strangest and most interesting of links-a magnificent, elevated cycle-way, with a smooth surface of wood, running for nine miles through beautiful country, flanked by green hills, and ...
Cycling from school in Shanghai, China. Photo by badbrother.
Switching gears and bringing cycling culture back to China and Taiwan
China is currently experiencing the fastest growth in bike-sharing in the world, with thirty-nine bike-share systems in place, with the latest addition from last month in Aksu, near the the Kyrgyzstan border. At the head of the thirty-nine cities sits Hangzhou, ...
Friday Fun: Swimming To Work In London?
Friday Fun: Swimming To Work In London?
Though it is not unheard of for commuters to invent fun, innovative and quirky commuting strategies via boat or plane, designers in London attempted to reinvent the wheel for commuters with speedos. The Lido Line, a proposed reinvention of the ...
Cycling enthusiasm in Britain could too be reached by Brazil. Photo by quite peculiar via Flickr
Lessons for Brazil from the British Cycling Economy
This post was originally featured on TheCityFix Brasil by guest contributor, Simon Robinson. Bradley Wiggins, winner of this year’s Tour de France, decimated the field this summer with his win in the time trial at Hampton Court Palace, and this ...
Reinventing waterfronts is a storied trend from Paris to Portland. Photo courtesy of the Paris Mayor's Office.
On the Waterfront: Paris, Madrid, San Francisco, Portland
PARIS Paris, the city whose motto is “tossed by the waves, but does not sink,” is set to open up the streets along the Seine River to pedestrians and cyclists. Mayor Bertrand Delanoë, in coordination with the national government, is ...
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