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Solar roadways have the potential to decrease carbon emissions and increase the potential of electric cars, all by harnessing the power of the sun. Photo by James Rintamaki/Flickr.
Friday Fun: Following the solar-grid road to sustainable mobility
We’ve come to the convergence of two parallel stories in technology: it is now cheaper to get energy from solar power than from coal-fired power plants in the United States, and everyday citizens are increasingly able to prototype and cheaply manufacture hi-tech goods. ...
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Residents of Hyderabad, India, can use mobile devices to be a part of the planning dialogue---whether it is creating clearer maps of the city or crowdsourcing infrastructure projects. Photo by Nietnagel/Flickr.
Public participation platforms change the dynamic between city and citizen
Instead of arguing about how their city did not have enough money to fund the creation of bike paths, a community in Mexico City, Mexico, went ahead and made them. When residents in Beijing, China, saw that cars were encroaching ...
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Last week Porto Alegre, Brazil launched datapoa, a new open data portal that invites the city's residents to share information regarding several aspects of urban life - including mobility. Photo by EMBARQ.
Meet datapoa: Porto Alegre’s new open data portal
Last week Porto Alegre, Brazil launched datapoa, a new open data portal that gathers information directly from the city’s residents on themes including mobility, environment, geography, urban sanitation, and public health. The goal of datapoa is to encourage people to learn ...
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Accessible Route (Rota Acessível), a new smartphone app in Brazil, allows users to report accessibility problems they encounter in cities. The app’s creation is an innovative way to identify the main accessibility challenges of Brazil’s urban residents. Photo by Gustavo Gomes.
Is crowdsourcing the next revolution in urban accessibility?
Urban residents worldwide encounter a myriad of accessibility challenges every day, many of which pose particular challenges to individuals with disabilities. In an effort to identify these daily challenges, a partnership between the Association for Assistance to Disabled Children (AACD) and IBM recently ...
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A San Francisco, California, streetcar plies F Street, near the Embarcadero. Photo by danishdynamite.
Friday Fun: 4 Lessons from the Urban Data Challenge
Picture yourself on a lazy Sunday afternoon cruising down San Francisco’s Market Street in one of the city’s iconic streetcars. You have a seat to yourself to peer out the window as the sun beats down over the Golden Gate; ...
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Photo by Lee Shaver.
Participatory Maps for Inclusive Cities
Urban planners, designers and architects have their work cut out for them. The rate of urbanization around the world means that we have to reconfigure the way we think, design and plan cities. It is not like starting from scratch ...
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