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Would you be happier commuting on a bike path floating on London’s Thames River? Photo by Chris R/Flickr.
Friday Fun: Is the future for London’s cyclists on the river, the street, or both?
TheCityFix recently examined some of the most innovative bicycling infrastructure projects in cities worldwide, but a recent proposal for an eight-mile floating bike path on London’s River Thames might top these in originality. The “Thames Deckway” would cut through the heart of the ...
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The House of Commons  is calling for citizen participation in accessibility planning. Photo by Adriano Aurelio Araujo.
Government Accessibility, Accountability In Transport
In keeping with the social-contract, the United Kingdom House of Commons’ Environmental Audit Committee is calling for public input on its inquiry, “Transport and the Accessibility of Public Services’. The Committee is preparing for a synthesis of its near decade old “Making ...