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Chinese Citizen Cautiously Bikes Around Beijing. Photo by  Benoit Colin/WRI
Make Cycling Safer in China – By Design
The original version of this article appeared on ChinaDaily. The renaissance of bike-riding is a welcome development, so let’s improve conditions for the users. Orange, yellow, blue, green, rainbow…bike lanes in Chinese cities are quite colorful these days. Thanks to ...
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Autonomous Vehicles Can Make Citites Safer and More Efficient If Done Right. Photo by Ken Conley / Flickr
Driverless Vehicles: Safe Speeds Ensure Safety For All
The coming of autonomous vehicle technology shows great promise for eliminating traffic deaths and serious road injuries. They could also make life a lot easier, but only if they are done right. Reducing traffic fatalities will depend on how cities ...
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A family sits by the water in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo by Benoit Colin/WRI.
TheCityFix’s Year in Review: 5 Stories Readers Loved This Year
A lot happened this year. Despite the diverse range of stories we covered, a few trends emerge that catch our eye. This year on TheCityFix, cities safer by design, bicycles, and compact urban development were some of our top themes ...
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Photo by Adam Cohn/Flickr
Making India’s Urban Streets Safer By Design
India has the highest number of traffic-crash deaths in the world. Of the 140,000 fatalities that occur annually, more than 40 percent take place in urban areas. A large percentage of these are pedestrians and bicyclists, who typically comprise more ...
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Cities should be designed with the safety of children and pedestrians in mind instead of private vehicles. Photo by Leonardo Veras/Flickr
Why Design and Mobility Are Key for Creating Safer Cities for All
On November 18 – 19, 2015 Brazil will host the UN’s 2nd Global High Level Conference on Road Safety in Brasilia, convening national governments, cities, and civil society organizations. The conference is a unique moment to bring impetus to the Decade ...
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This week, TheCityFix is live from Mexico City for the 11th International Congress on Sustainable Cities and Transport (“XI Congreso”).(Photo: hectorlo/ Flickr)
Day 3 of Mexico City’s XI Congreso: Road Safety, Reducing Waste and Shared Mobility
Today was the final day of the three-day conference International Congress on Sustainable Cities and Transport (“XI Congreso”) in Mexico City. The event brought together urban planners and transport experts from across the globe to help cities work toward a ...
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