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Beijing’s motor vehicle ownership has reached 5.4 million, ranking it first out of all Chinese cities in motorization. To combat parking shortages, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport recently announced the addition of over 13,000 parking spaces to the city’s center – but that might not be an optimal solution. Photo by Leo Fung.
Beijing’s parking woes: Is there any end in sight?
What do the time-honored hutong – quintessential narrow alleys of Beijing that date back to the Qing dynasty – and danwei – organized work and housing complexes from the pre-1979 era –have in common? Apart from the fact that neither ...
Mexico City was one of the first cities to implement car travel restrictions – a vehicle demand management strategy steadily gaining popularity in other cities in Latin America and the developing world. Restrictions on car travel is one of many ways to limit car use and ownership in emerging economies. Photo by Steve Calcott.
On the move: Reducing car usage and ownership in China, Latin America, and other developing economies
This is the fifth post of the “Sustainable Urban Transport On The Move” blog series, exclusive to TheCityFix. It presents emerging, trendy, and mainstream solutions leading this transition, and tracks progress being made by cities already adopting measures to enhance accessibility. Preparation ...
Shanghai from above. Photo by Mike Hedge.
Friday Fun: A bird’s eye view
It can be disorienting to view familiar cities from above. The details that seem to define cities while we move through them on the ground are missing. Instead, shapes representing streets and buildings emerge, almost abstract. But we can tell ...
Some estimates place the number of motorized vehicles in China at 1 billion by 2050 - a number impossible to sustain. Photo by IceNineJon.
The number crunch: Predicting motorization in China
China’s dramatic increase in motorized vehicle use has greatly exceeded past predictions. Now, latest estimates suggest that, by 2050, as many as one billion vehicles (excluding electric bikes and rural vehicles) will be on the road in China. This is ...
Utavi: On community development, urbanization, and digital currencies
Utavi: On community development, urbanization, and digital currencies
Alternative currencies have the potential to catalyze community development in rapidly urbanizing areas. Photo by Angela Sevin. About the author: Raj Ramamurti is the founder and CEO of Utavi, a digital startup focused on alternative digital currency. He has more ...
Beijing bans street barbeques in effort to improve air quality
Beijing bans street barbeques in effort to improve air quality
Banning street barbecues is Beijing’s latest effort at improving air quality. Photo by Kaj17. Given China’s population growth, and rapid urbanization, Beijing is on its way to becoming a super city – a city with a population greater than 20 ...
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