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Traffic in Shanghai. Photo by SmokingPermitted.
China’s Car Industry Surpasses U.S.
For the first time ever, there have been more cars sold in China than the United States. (This news comes at the same time as Detroit’s General Motors announced it would cut another 10,000 workers.) From the Associated Press: SHANGHAI ...
A gloomy sunset on Beijing’s 5th Ring Road. Photo by Lim CK.
Beijing Offers Subsidy to Discourage Dirty Cars
Beijing is prepared to pay up to 1 billion yuan (about $146 million) in subsidies to get citizens to ditch their dirty cars and purchase cleaner ones. (Read Laura Root’s recent post about the pros and cons of these types ...
Flickr photo by Luo Shaiyang.
Paying for Blue Skies
Previously, the Beijing skyline took the international spotlight during the Olympics as air pollution threatened athletes and cast a gray haze over the city. Now the Beijing government is designing a policy that would reward driver’s for purchasing cleaner cars. ...
New Beijing Traffic Restrictions Surprisingly Popular
New Beijing Traffic Restrictions Surprisingly Popular
Beijing Traffic. Photo by Proggie Listening to NPR last night, I was caught by surprise by a story describing the unexpected popularity of the temporary traffic restrictions Beijing implemented during the Olympics. Conventional wisdom holds that citizens usually view such ...
Shanghai Cycles
Shanghai Cycles
Shanghai – Cycles from Lrock on Vimeo.
Cycling in Beijing
Cycling in Beijing
Photo by Alexandra Moss. Once known as the world’s ‘bicycle kingdom,’ China has experienced rapid urbanization leading some to declare the beginning of the end for China’s bikes. While it’s true that from 1995 to 2005, China’s bike fleet declined ...
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