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Reclaiming Parking Spots for Bikes in Gurugram, India. Photo by Amit Bhatt
Swapping Parking Spots for Bike Lots Can Transform India’s Cities
One city in India is swapping its cars for bikes. WRI India and Nagarro Software, in partnership with Udaan NGO and NASSCOM Foundation, recently launched the Seeds for Change project in Gurugram, India, reclaiming four car parking spots to make ...
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Crowded cycle lanes on Car-free Day in Bogotá. Photo by Diego Bauman / Bogota City Hall
Car-free Day Continues to Steer Bogotá Away from Cars
For 18 years, Bogotá, Colombia, has shown that a large city can survive without cars. In 2000, Mayor Enrique Peñalosa—currently in his second term—implemented Car-free Day. This initiative, which residents approved by referendum, takes place on the first Thursday of ...
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Empty roads could only mean one thing:Happy World Carfree Day! Photo by Luis Argerich.
Celebrate World Carfree Day!
Every September 22 is World Carfree Day, a global, annual celebration of cities and public life, free from the noise, stress and pollution produced by cars. It is a chance for the world to liberate itself from the car-dominated society ...
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Location of the new Petworth area Capital Bikeshare. Photo via google maps.
Upcoming Events: Capital Bikeshare on the Move and Car-Free Days
According Kent Boese of the blog Parkview DC, the installation of a Capital Bikeshare station in Petworth is complete. Beose says, the “station is one of three that will be available to Park View residents. The other two are scheduled ...