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To attract new users and stay competitive, cities are beginning to innovate new designs for bus stops. (Photo: Mariana Gil/ WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities)
Friday Fun: 3 Cities Transforming How We Think About Bus Stops
In the mid-1980s, buses made up nearly 44 percent of all traffic in the Soviet Union, connecting the disparate republics that spanned from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Buses roared into small towns, seemingly in the middle of ...
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Bus stop in Chile. Photo by
Best of 2010: Images of Bus Stops
Beautiful, well-designed, part of the public space –  we thought we’d showcase some interesting bus stops as part of this week’s series of “best of”‘posts leading up to 2011. Above is a bus stop in Chile.
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View from a submission to GOOD Magazine of a rider's favorite bus stop.
Friday Fun: Got Bus?
Until noon today, get your images to GOOD Magazine capturing your favorite bus or bus stop in the U.S.  The magazine has teamed up with the advocacy organization, Transportation Alternatives, to “give a little love to one of the least ...
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Image of the intersection in Salt Lake City via google maps.
Next Stop? Crowdsourced Bus Shelters
We’ve written about crowdsourcing contests to build a better suburb, choose better bikesharing locations, and design a better car. Now, Next Stop Design, a collaborative project based in Utah, is soliciting ideas and designs from the public to build a ...