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Istanbul is working towards an integrated transport network to turn the tide against motor vehicle and make mass transport the dominant form of mobility once more. Photo by Andreaffm/Flickr.
Can a multimodal Istanbul reverse the tide of car dependency?
Turkey has had good fortune in seeing the personal incomes of its citizens rise from US$ 6,800 in 2000 to US$ 14,700 in 2011. Yet with increasing incomes has come a trend towards personal motorization, with private vehicle ownership jumping from 889,000 to ...
Separate subway cars allow women safe access to transport in Mumbai, India. Photo by ezola/Flickr.
Is separate equal? An opinion on women’s equality in transportation
Disrespect to women in any form is unacceptable, including while using public transport. While the long term solution to this disrespect relies on educating people that this behavior is unacceptable, in the present, transport systems designed to promote positive social interactions ...
Passengers wait for a bus in Curitiba, Brazil. The city has developed around the bus line, a pivotal component of the city's transport network. Photo by mariordo59/Flickr.
Understanding the “t” in bus rapid transit oriented development
Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a cost-effective mass transportation system characterized by exclusive bus lanes and reduction of travel times, high-passenger capacity and level boarding, and a relatively short construction process. Latin America and Asia are becoming the world leaders ...
Passengers ride Ahmedabad, India's bus rapid transit (BRT) system, the Janmarg, which has dramatically altered the city's transport network. Photo by EMBARQ.
Friday Fun: Even floating yogis take the Janmarg
Today’s Friday Fun brings you a colorful and cheeky animated short from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy’s (ITDP) India office called JAM, presenting Ahmedabad’s award-winning bus rapid transit (BRT) system – the Janmarg. The film, made by Ketaki ...
A crowd of passengers boards the TransMilenio BRT in Bogotá, Colombia. Despite new, larger buses operating within the TransMilenio system, Bogotá still faces significant challenges to providing sustainable urban mobility options for its urban residents. Photo by Mariana Gil/EMBARQ Brazil.
Opinion: Bogotá’s vision for public transport hangs in the balance
“Optimism is undermined by the amount of work required for full implementation.” Before withdrawing his nomination as Bogotá’s ombudsman in December 2011, Paul Bromberg recommended that the incoming administration “joyfully receive the public transport system of Bogotá (Sistema de Transporte ...
Every day, over 29.5 million people ride a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) or busway system globally. is the most comprehensive, public database of BRT systems around the world, which is launching new visualization tools today. Photo by EMBARQ Brazil.
Visualize and explore Bus Rapid Transit with this revamped data portal
Every single day, nearly 30.9 million people ride Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) or busways system globally. That’s more people than the entire population of Ghana or the state of Texas. 19.5 million (63.3%) of these passengers are located in Latin ...
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