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Friday Fun: “Walk On,” Hindi rock band tells Gurgaon
Friday Fun: “Walk On,” Hindi rock band tells Gurgaon
Euphoria, the nationally popular Hindi rock band, is writing an anthem to non-motorized transport for the city of Gurgaon. Photo by FrogStarB. What do pop bands and urban development have to do with each other? Well, in Gurgaon, the largest ...
Mexico City's April 2013 Cyclotón. Photo by Benoit Colin/EMBARQ.
Building a cycling culture in Mexico: Q&A with Gisela Mendez, Awen Southern, and Julie Clerc
Implemented in 2010, Mexico City’s Ecobici bike-sharing system has grown from 90 stations and 11,000 members  in its first year of operation to 271 stations and over 75,000 members today — covering new ground and reaching more residents. TheCityFix interviews ...
Mysore is keen on developing a cycling culture in the city. Photo: Joseph Swaine
Cycling through Mysore, India
This blog post is a part of the Catalyzing New Mobility program, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. Mysore, a historic city in southern India, is home to numerous palaces and ancient monuments and is the second largest city in the ...
The authors of Low Carbon Land Transport – Policy Handbook ask, “Which transport vision will cities like Beijing, China [pictured here], choose for their future?” Photo by Daniel Bongardt.
Towards a vision of sustainable transport – Today’s decisions matter!
This post was authored by Daniel Bongardt, Insa Eekhoff, and Stefan Bakker In 2050, Pankaj and Amisha may live in the same country, but their daily experience in traffic could not be more different. Being troubled by congestion, air pollution, ...
Lyon, France, introduced the most recent "3+" bike-sharing generation. Photo by juicebox013.
Four generations of bike-sharing
Looking back at Amit Bhatt’s presentation on Financially Sustainable Public Bike-Sharing at Transforming Transportation 2013, I thought I would share with you the key moments and generations in the history of bike-sharing. Although it appears like a new trend, bike-sharing ...
Izhar Gafni riding his cardboard creation. Photo credit: via
A $9 Dollar Bike Made of Cardboard
A version of this post was originally published in Portuguese by Maria Fernanda Cavalcanti on TheCityFix Brasil. Urban cycling has become ever more popular and has even entered recent Armani advertising campaigns as a symbol of youth, fitness and sex appeal. However, no matter ...
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