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A person rides a Bixi bicycle along a road. Although the Bixi system has had its ups and downs, bike-sharing culture is stronger than ever in Montreal, Canada. Photo by Roland/Flickr.
The bike-share report: The lessons of the Bixi system
Peter Midgley joins us as the author for the “Bike share report” series. We invited Peter to share his vast knowledge on bicycle sharing gained through his experience tracking the growth of bicycle sharing systems since 2007. Peter formerly worked ...
A passenger on a mobile phone entering the New York City subway. Today's Friday Fun reviews RideScout, a new transport mobile app that helps passengers compare various urban mobility choices for their desired trip. Photo by momentcaptured1/Flickr.
Friday Fun: Mobile apps and your commute
Successful urban mobility is predicated on increased user choice. With a variety of transportation options, citizens can choose a preferred mode based on their own priorities. In the last five years, sustainable urban mobility choices may have reached a tipping ...
A bicyclist cruises using the new Copenhagen Wheel. This design, a project of the MIT SENSEable City Lab and distributed by Superpedestrian, replaces the rear wheel of a bicycle with a battery-powered motor, transforming an ordinary bicycle into a hybrid e-bike. Photo by Max Tomasinelli.
Friday Fun: A boost from your bike
Have you ever wished your bicycle could give you a boost while biking uphill or riding long distances? Thanks to the new Copenhagen Wheel from Superpedestrian, a start-up company based in Boston, bikes will be able to do just that ...
A passenger navigates Copenhagen’s streets on one of the new “smart bikes”. Gobike, Copenhagen’s new public shared bicycle scheme, is the first bikeshare system to integrate intelligent transport system (ITS) elements into its design. Photo courtesy of Gobike.
Smart public bikeshare: The wise man’s means of transportation
Urban mobility systems are made to accommodate current mobility needs, and provide access and opportunities in cities. However, increasing urbanization and motorization – occurring primarily in developing countries – are contributing to a growing global challenge for transport planners and ...
Passengers wait to board an arriving train. Many emerging concepts in sustainable transport are on the rise today that show potential to be adopted by a wide range of cities in the near future. This evidence prompted us to investigate the proverbial "tipping point" in sustainable urban mobility. Photo by linuscheng07.
On the move: Pushing sustainable transport from concept to tipping point
This is the third post of the “Sustainable Urban Transport On The Move” blog series, exclusive to TheCityFix. Preparation of this series was possible thanks to a grant by Shell. Its contents are the sole responsibility of the authors. In ...
Bikesharing and carsharing systems were among the innovations in shared urban mobility discussed at this month's Shared-use Mobility Summit in San Francisco. Photo by Richard Masoner.
Shared-use Mobility Summit explores future of urban mobility
“The 20th century is a century of general, and the 21st century is a century of sharing.” – Lisa Gansky, author of the Mesh Shared mobility is the cornerstone of the sharing economy, which is spurred by demographic changes, increased ...
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