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The District Department of Transportation's Bikeshare Proposed Locations. Image via
Bike Share Station Locations Announced
The District Department of Transportation has released the preliminary map of bike share locations for the new Capital Bikeshare, set to open this fall with 1,100 bikes at 114 solar-powered stations. The proposed station locations incorporated suggestions registered on DDOT’s ...
B-cycle's signature red bikes each have a basket to ease transporting things during a commute or shopping trip. Image via
Two-Wheel Revolution: Bikesharing Takes Off
In 2005,  with the launch of Vélo’v in Lyon, a global bikesharing movement began. By 2007, Paris began a similar bike-share with 10,000 bikes, and quickly doubled that number due to high demand. That same year, Barcelona initiated its bike-share system, Bicing, with ...