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Barcelona's Superblocks from above. Photo by Lucy / Flickr
The “Superblocks” of Barcelona: Despite Protests, City Follows with Sustainable Strategy
In 2016, Barcelona launched superblocks, an innovative strategy to combat air pollution caused by vehicle traffic in the city. The sustainable tactic was detailed in Barcelona’s Mobility Plan, which aims to reduce traffic by 21 percent. Additionally, it says that ...
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Barcelona's city blocks. Photo by shawnleishman/Flickr
Creating “Super-Blocks” in Barcelona
Barcelona is re-designing its streets; city planners released a new plan that takes city spaces back from cars, for the people. Re-orienting the city to the human scale, Barcelona’s leaders have decided to create more space for walking and cycling, ...
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To combat urban sprawl, urban areas--like Mexico City--are using infill development to boost density in urban cores. (Photo: Jorge Martinez/ Flickr)
How Infill Development Can Help Stop Urban Sprawl
From October 12 to 14, EMBARQ México will host the XI Cities and Transport International Congress, where decision makers will participate in workshops and discuss how infill development can help Mexico City and other cities achieve a connected, compact, and ...
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Barcelona’s transformation under Pasqual Maragall provides one of the best examples of using major events as a catalyst for long term urban improvement. Photo by pleymo_05/Flickr.
Urbanism Hall of Fame: Pasqual Maragall uses the Olympics to transform Barcelona into a global city
This is the sixth entry in the Urbanism Hall of Fame series, exclusive to TheCityFix. This series is intended to inform people about the leading paradigms surrounding sustainable transport and urban planning and the thinkers behind them. By presenting their many ...
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Building the city of the future through smart, connected urban transport
The concept of smart, connected transport is a hot topic among city leaders looking to ride the wave of innovation to more sustainable, prosperous cities. Despite this, building a truly smart and interconnected urban transport system is more than most ...
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Win a chance to blog for the EU! Photo by Bernat.
Call For Applicants: ¡Win An EU Road Safety Blogging Position in Barcelona!
The European Road Safety Charter (ERSC), an EU Commission Initiative program, is holding a contest for road safety bloggers.  According to the World Health Organization road accidents are the leading cause of death for 15 to 19 year olds globally and ...
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