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How would you react if you heard these announcements on the platform? Photo by Susan Sermoneta.
Friday Fun: Hilarious Subway Announcements
The City Room blog from The New York Times has a hilarious post on fantasy subway announcements, read by Bernie Wagenblast, the original transportation communicator whose voice you’ve probably heard on NYC Transit, NJ Transit and Virginia Department of Transportation. ...
Home, the tale of how a family's life changes with the reconstruction of the abandoned highway near their house, is just one of the many city- and transport- related screenings at the Environmental Film Fest which starts Tuesday.  Photo: © Jérôme Prébois
TheCityFix Guide to the Environmental Film Festival
A town’s green renewal after being decimated by a tornado. The community impact of a major shopping mall. A ghost town’s transformation into an eco-village. If you’d like to learn more about any of these topics, along with a host ...
UPCOMING EVENT: Mumbai to Host Its First "Car Free Day"
UPCOMING EVENT: Mumbai to Host Its First "Car Free Day"
This upcoming Sunday, February 21, for the first time ever, Mumbai is holding a Car Free Day, similar to Ciclovia in Bogotá and Summer Streets in New York City. The all-day event is organized by the Khar-Bandra-Santacruz (KBS) Foundation, a ...
Don't let the snow get you down! Do something about it! TheCityFix Managing Editor, Erica Schlaikjer, created "Snow Helper" Watch Areas on SeeClickFix, to help you clear our streets.
SeeClickFix on TheCityFix DC: Become a Snow Helper!
Here at TheCityFix DC, we’ve been intrigued and motivated into action by all the recent reports about uncleared sidewalks, poorly plowed streets and other “snowmergencies” in the city. That’s why we’re creating special “Snow Helper” Watch Areas on SeeClickFix, the ...
Hmm...something's not right with this picture. Should this street be plowed? Kwame Brown wants you to report this and other issues to SeeClickFix. See our report here:
Councilmember Kwame Brown: What Needs to Be Fixed?
We are very excited to announce that At-Large D.C. Councilmember Kwame Brown (connect with him on TheCityFix Social!) is encouraging local residents to report transportation-related issues caused  by the record-breaking snow storms this week. Need your street to be plowed? ...
Green City Video Contest at the National Building Museum
Green City Video Contest at the National Building Museum
The “Great Green Places” film project is a series of short web-based documentaries designed to augment the Green Community exhibition at the National Building Museum. The series aims to provide a decoder ring to the general public on what makes ...
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