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Photo by Tom Spender.
Connecting sustainable transport to urban development in India
In 2011, nearly 350 million people lived in Indian cities. More than 300 million new residents will join them over the next few decades to become part of the new urban India. This population boom will stress an already-pressured urban infrastructure ...
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Photo by peskymonkey.
World Health Day: 5 questions on how transport is related to health
TheCityFix interviewed EMBARQ Health and Road safety expert, Claudia Adriazola-Steil, for World Health Day 2013: Q1. How can we tackle the problem of rising obesity and physical inactivity through transport? Lack of physical activity contributes to 3.2 million deaths annually, ...
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Photo by badbrother.
Switching gears and bringing cycling culture back to China and Taiwan
China is currently experiencing the fastest growth in bike-sharing in the world, with thirty-nine bike-share systems in place, with the latest addition from last month in Aksu, near the the Kyrgyzstan border. At the head of the thirty-nine cities sits Hangzhou, ...
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Photo by ifindkarma.
Friday Fun: Taking auto emissions out of the picture in Beijing, China
Beijing’s poor air quality is nothing new. Yet, the visible air pollution from the “sand-smog” on February 28, 2013 still shocked the world. The Washington Post posted a photo of downtown Beijing, entitled, “The most shocking photo of Beijing air ...
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C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and World Resources Institute Partner to Promote City Transit Solutions. Photo by David W.
C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and World Resources Institute Partner to Promote City Transit Solutions
This post was originally featured on  The World Resources Institute, led by its sustainable transport center, EMBARQ, and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) established a partnership today that will further their mutual goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from urban transportation. ...
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Nose hair length is the newest metric for measuring local air pollution.
Friday Fun: The Nose Hair Indicator for Air Pollution
Visualizing air pollution is akin to to understanding several hundred shades of gray smog or looking at the local newspaper’s air quality indicators on a sliding scale of green (good air) dots to red (don’t go outside, ’tis dangerous) lozenges. While ...
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