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Nose hair length is the newest metric for measuring local air pollution. Photo courtesy of Clean Air Asia.
Friday Fun: The Nose Hair Indicator for Air Pollution
Visualizing air pollution is akin to to understanding several hundred shades of gray smog or looking at the local newspaper’s air quality indicators on a sliding scale of green (good air) dots to red (don’t go outside, ’tis dangerous) lozenges. While ...
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f-l-o-a-t staff crafting an emissions tracker kite. Photo by Sophia Chung.
Friday Fun: Kite-mounted air quality monitoring with F-L-O-A-T
In 2008, Olympic cyclists from the United States arrived in Beijing wearing respiratory masks  due to perceived health risks from poor air quality. Air pollution has thusly presented a perennial diplomatic challenge in the rocky Sino-American relationship. This June -in ...
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Tricycles are a common means of transportation in the Philippines and a major contributor to air pollution. Photo by Lisa and Alec via Flickr
E-Tricycles Coming to the Streets of the Philippines
The Asian Development Bank (ADB), along with the Philippine Department of Energy, has begun implementing a plan to introduce as many as 100,000 electric tricycles to the streets of the Philippines by 2020. Tricycles, smoke-belching and inexpensive three-wheeled vehicles found ...
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Photo by Meena Kadri.
Steering Indian Cities Towards Higher Fuel Quality Standards
While scaling up sustainable transportation solutions worldwide, it’s important that we still consider the reality of personal automobile demand. Tackling the lower-hanging fruit of vehicular emissions reductions in densely populated developing countries is critical for mitigating climate change and improving ...
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Photo by Corey Templeton.
Research Recap, April 23: More Bike Lanes, Dangerous Mopeds, Costly Air Pollution
Welcome to “Research Recap,” our series highlighting recent reports, studies and other findings in sustainable transportation policy and practice, in case you missed it. More Lanes, More Bikers Cities with a greater supply of bike paths and lanes have significantly ...
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Photo by Joel Mann.
Freeway Removal Creates Opportunity for Improved Health, Quality of Life
The famed U.S. intellectual Lewis Mumford once said, “Forget the damned motor car and build the cities for lovers and friends.” The recently released report on freeway removal from by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy and EMBARQ (the ...
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