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Highway Accidents in India Reach Staggering Levels


The Pune Miror has an interesting article on a study conducted by the Maharashtra Police on highway accidents in India. Simply put, the results are startling.

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  • Ethan and sudhir,

    Thank you for providing the statistics.

    It will realy help me in my project..

  • Oops, you caught me on this one. Thanks for the comment, I will change it right now.

  • Ethan,

    The number 92618 is for the entire country (India) for 2004 and not for Maharashtra. The total number of people killed by vehicles in Maharashtra is 9875 in 2004. You will be surprised to know that the Tamilnadu and Maharashtra contribute 26.4% of total fatalities. The statistics reveal that most common reason of traffic accidents is “Driver Error” and yet we don’t plan for forgiving sustainable infrastructure. 12% of total accident deaths are from vulnerable group (Pedestrians and Cyclists). In fact, 40% of all “accidental deaths” is due to road accidents. Surprising isn’t???