Friday Fun
The game of Sporcle.

The game of Sporcle.

Sporcle! The website where you guess at long lists of trivia. I promise, it’s more fun than it sounds.

I got 28/40 on the list of Popular Science’s greenest cities and 33/40 on the most populous US cities in 1800, 1850, 1900 and 1950.  Try your hand – it’s highly addictive.

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  • David Porter

    Just want to note than I beat you by one on greenest cities (kind of embarrassed that I missed Cambridge though), and, in doing so, note that nasty, terrible Irvine, CA somehow made the list.

  • Will Wilson

    On that note, this one is mega-fun and challenging:

    I also enjoy all the dynastic ones, but those are probably a little more special-interest.