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Freeway Revolts

freeway.jpgPhoto by Lush.i.ous.

Joe Foti, a colleague of mine at WRI, just alerted me to a sprawling Wikipedia page on freeway revolts, a term referring to citizen efforts to stop freeway construction in their neighborhoods. In some cases the entry simply lists freeway projects that we’re “canceled, truncated or stalled” in a particular region. In other cases, it’s more thorough, providing detailed analysis of why residents opposed freeway construction and some of their efforts to stop it.

Click here to view the entry.

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    Here’s a link to another related site, with pictures and stories about built freeways that have been demolished.

  • Do you have wikipedia log-in? You should definitely modify the entry to include this case. It would also be cool if the entry were international.

  • Here in Wisconsin groups have been trying to stop the state from spending an estimated $1.9 Billion dollars to expand I-94 but the WDOT has apparently completely ignored the hundreds of comments they received as the project is moving forward.