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The cherry blossoms blooming in Washington, DC. The city urban tree canopy is about 35 percent. Photo by Karen Blaha/Flickr.
On International Day of Forests, a Look at How Trees Help Make Cities Healthier
While the words “forests” and “cities” don’t traditionally go hand in hand, urban forestry has started to bridge that gap. While some cities have minimal tree cover due to inadequate soil or a lack of space, others are nearly half ...
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By investing in natural infrastructure for water, cities have successfully saved money and improved their resilience to climate change. (Photo: Mariana Gil/ WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities)
Cities Can Save Money by Investing in Natural Infrastructure for Water
By 2030, the world is projected to spend an estimated $10 trillion on repairing and expanding water infrastructure. Dams and treatment plants are aging, water demand is surging, and more frequent extreme weather events threaten our water security—each driving up water management ...
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To combat congestion and manage water, cities across the globe have begun drilling underground. (Photo: MTA New York City / Flickr)
Friday Fun: Innovative Tunnels for Denser, More Resilient Cities, in Videos
There are many tools that cities can use to achieve sustainable development; however, one finite resource that will be perpetually limited is space—a necessity for new roads, infrastructure, homes and buildings.  Regardless of what initiatives are set in place, as ...
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As India continues to urbanize, city planning should anticipate water scarcity and engage local resources to ensure citizens have access to clean, drinkable water. (Photo: VasenkaPhotography / Flickr)
Managing Water Resources With Urban Design in India
India is undergoing rapid urbanization: within fifteen years, about 600 million Indians will live in urban areas. Given that cities practically run on water, India must find a way to route clean, reliable water supplies to its citizens, helping meet their needs for ...
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As cities face increasing populations and long periods of drought, urban areas are being forced to innovate new ways to produce clean water. (Photo: David Berkowitz / Flickr. Slightly modified from original)
Friday Fun: Three Cities Innovate Solutions for Tackling Water Scarcity
Today marks the end of World Water Week in Stockholm, where experts from across the globe convene to discuss the world’s water issues. To further explore water stress across the globe, take a look at the interactive maps and resources of Aqueduct, a ...
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A street market in St. Lucia, South Africa. With the continent rapidly urbanizing, it's critical that city leaders address urban food loss and waste in order to ensure sustainable development and end food insecurity. Photo by Steve Slater/Flickr.
Why Africa Needs to Look to Its Cities to End Hunger
Last year, the African Union—an assembly of 54 African nations—formally committed to ending hunger in Africa by 2025. This is incredibly ambitious, considering one out of every four people in sub-Saharan Africa is undernourished. The majority of the 800 million ...
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