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Relaxing after work along Cheonggyecheon stream, Seoul, South Korea. By longzijun.
The three pillars of successful urban development in Seoul
In her February post on sustainable urban development, EMBARQ expert Robin King posed the question: “What does good urban development mean to you?” Keeping people in mind, she identified three key areas for action to produce good urban development: Providing ...
Introducing the first mass public transportation system in Pakistan. Photo by Star240.
The Metro Bus System comes to Lahore, Pakistan
Today we celebrate a positive development coming out of Pakistan, overlooked by mainstream news: an advanced bus system in Lahore, Pakistan’s second largest city. In years past, Lahore, capital of Pakistan’s eastern province of Punjab, was a city where urban ...
Beijing, China moving toward the future. Photo by Stuck in Customs.
Science Fiction vs. Reality on the Streets of Tomorrow’s New Cities
In Guy Montag’s city, it is illegal to be a pedestrian. The main character in Ray Bradbury’s 1953 dystopian American classic, Fahrenheit 451, commutes by subway. He thinks little of the circumstances and of the culture which gave rise to ...
National Congress Building,  Brasilia - the symbol of an age... Photo by zelnunes.
Brasilia Re-Imagined
Built in the 1950s to showcase some of the world’s leading architects and their futuristic design vision, Brasilia, the federal capital of Brazil,  was designed with imagination,  innovation, and a futuristic urban aesthetic in mind, paved with good intentions. The ...
Mexico City Photo by Pulpolux !!!
Returning to the Tradition of Sustainable Urban Development in Mexico City
Nestled within Mexico City and home to approximately 1.2 million residents, Ciudad Neza has grown into one of Latin America’s largest slums. Salvador Herrera, Deputy Director of EMBARQ Mexico, remembers a time when Mexico City led the world in the ...
Copenhagen, Denmark is often cited as a sustainable city. Photo of Copenhagen's Central Station by Frank Schmidt.
What does good urban development mean to you?
Urbanization offers a tremendous opportunity to support a growing global population efficiently and humanely. Developing countries alone are expected to build more new city-area during the two decades leading up to 2030 than all of humanity has built throughout history ...
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