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Transmilenio. Photo by sicoactiva.
NYT on BRT: Great to See, A Bit Disappointing to Read
For a BRT advocate, it was really exciting to wake up this morning to a front-page, above-the-fold article in the New York Times, with Transmilenio as the central picture. Reading Elisabeth Rosenthal’s article, though, I must say that there were ...
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The Downtown BID isn't just good for creating WALL-E looking street sweepers. They're also the business communities chief advocates for urbanism. Photo by Mr. T in DC.
It's Business Time
I wrote a couple of days ago about the need for smart growth advocates and urbanists to get smarter about playing the inside game. We’re winning the messaging but then losing behind closed doors, I argued. So I was particularly ...
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The suburbs are Cleaver Family-friendly. Photo by pdwroswell.
What Does Family-Friendly Actually Mean?
One of the most pervasive critiques of urban life is that suburbia is the only good place to raise a family. It’s a powerful argument—parents will do anything for their children—and it’s a deeply rooted one. So it was very ...
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Can you construct your way to a green neighborhood? Photo by Dean Terry.
LEED Neighborhood Development Wants You to Build More More More
For the real nerds among you, go read Kaid Benfield’s 3-part series about the changes in the LEED Neighborhood Development criteria from their pilot program here, here, and here. It’s deep in the weeds—how do you define buildable land for ...
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Smart growth advocates could learn a thing or two from The Prince. Flickr photo by jamesmelzer.
Being Right Doesn't Get You That Far
What more can be said about I-270? David Alpert is calling it Gaithersbungle: the Montgomery County Planning Department has decided to spend $3.8 billion widening the highway to a truly massive 12 lanes. Then they’re spending $450 million on a ...
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It's harder to stop sprawl here in New England. Photo by Matthew Midnight.
D.C., Count Your Blessings
It’s very easy to forget just how lucky D.C. is with regards to its ability to create a sustainable, urbanist region. In fact, the region has a nearly ideal political structure to make real progress.
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