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The success of China's upcoming congestion charges hinge on their ties with sustainable public transport. Photo by Tim Riley/Flickr
Proper Use of Congestion Fee Can Cut China’s Traffic Jams
The Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport is considering a trial of congestion charges on vehicles from 2016 to mitigate traffic congestion in the city. The government’s priority, as proposed in the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) and the Traffic Congestion Mitigation ...
Diana Mitlin of the iied discusses the importance of communicating with informal settlements, and identifies steps that civil society can take to assist those living in slums. Photo by ninara/Flickr
From Grassroots Organizing to Affordable Housing: A Conversation with Diana Mitlin
Diana Mitlin is a Principal Researcher with the International Institute for Environment and Development’s (iied) Human Settlements program, conducting research on urban poverty and community development. Mitlin is also an academic, teaching on Global Urbanism at the University of Manchester. ...
Photo by Mariana Gil/WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities
An Economic Case for Compact, Connected and Coordinated Cities
On Tuesday December 2nd, World Resources Institute (WRI) hosted a session at the Cities & Regions Pavilion – TAP2015 at COP21. Entitled “Better Cities in a New Climate Economy,” the session shared the results of the New Climate Economy (NCE) cities ...
Many Chinese cities feature dense and walkable communities that can serve as models for other cities to learn from. Photo by Iain MacLean/Flickr
Friday Fun: What China’s Clustered Neighborhoods Teach Us About Urban Density and Walkability
As cities around the globe buckle under intense car congestion, some have begun encouraging residents to walk and bike instead of relying on personal vehicles. Walkable urban places (WalkUPs) provide residents with a variety of dining choices, commute options and ...
Sustainable urban development must be accompanied with a focus on social justice to protect the welfare of cities' most vulnerable citizens. Photo by Sthitaprajna Jena/Flickr
“Threading the Needle” of Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice for Cities
This blog is part of our World Resources Report (WRR) series. The WRR looks at cities as drivers of economic and social opportunity, and simultaneously as areas with concentrations of poverty, environmental degradation, and inequality. Responding to these opportunities and ...
Minha Casa, Minha Vida not only provides affordable housing for Brazil's low-income families, but integrates sustainability in its design. (Photo: GOVBA/Flickr)
6 Features That Make Brazil’s Affordable Housing Program Good for People and the Environment
Brazil’s Minha Casa, Minha Vida (MCMV – “My House, My Life” in English) program was created to provide housing and improve quality of life for low-income families across the country. Currently, more than 9.6 million low- and low-middle income families reside in ...
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