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To Achieve its New Climate Goals, China Must Look to its Buildings
To Achieve its New Climate Goals, China Must Look to its Buildings
China made international news earlier this summer when it announced a new research and development, commercialization and demonstration for low-carbon technologies such as highly efficient heat pumps and energy efficient building envelopes. Doing so will help drive scientific and technological ...
To decrease energy consumption, cities in Latin America--such as Mexico City--are launching new initiatives to boost the energy efficiency of their buildings. (Photo: Joseph Wingenfeld / Flickr)
Accelerating Building Efficiency Improvements in Latin America
Energy efficiency improvements in the building sector can yield significant financial and environmental benefits including reduced energy costs, decreased greenhouse gas emissions, improved occupant health and increased local employment.  However, long standing market and policy barriers stand in the way ...
Better Building Benchmarking = More Energy Savings
Better Building Benchmarking = More Energy Savings
The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recently released a real-time building monitoring and scoring platform called LEED Dynamic Plaque, enabling building managers to benchmark, monitor, and improve their building’s performance on an ongoing basis. The program has been recognized as ...
It’s difficult for residents and business owners to know how their homes perform compared to similar homes, let alone have access to information detailing how location, such as a waterfront, affects energy efficiency. (Photo: Mr Thinktank / Flickr)
Buildings: Our Biggest (and Most Underutilized) Asset for Improving How Cities Perform
Urban residents around the world have different daily routines, but they share something in common that often goes unappreciated. Let’s take the example of how a city dweller in China spends an average day: 8 hours of work activities 30 ...
Green spaces in cities, such as New York's High Line, promote an active, sustainable lifestyle for city residents. Photo by David Berkowitz/Flickr.
Designing for a Sustainable Future: A Q&A with Jared Green
For Designed for the Future: 80 Practical Ideas for a Sustainable World, Jared Green asked 80 architects, landscape architects, urban planners, non-profit leaders, journalists, and artists—all people shaping the future of our built and natural environments—the same question: what gives ...
Innovative building designs can use "smog-eating" technology to improve air quality in cities like Bogota, Colombia. Photo by Michael McCullough/Flickr.
Friday Fun: How Buildings Can Help “Eat” Urban Smog
Many cities around the world are suffering from severe air pollution. The World Health Organization (WHO)’s urban air quality database reveals that about half of the global urban population is exposed to air pollution that is at least 2.5 times ...
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