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Bus Rapid Transit Comes to Lagos, Nigeria

If you had to point to one city that embodies of the challenges of the 21st century, it would be Lagos, Nigeria. The New Yorker had a wonderful piece on Lagos over a year ago, describing it in apocalyptic detail:

Smoldering hills of sawdust landfill send white smoke across the bridge, which mixes with diesel exhaust from the traffic. Beyond the sawmills, the old waterfront markets, the fishermen’s shanties, the blackened façades of high-rise housing projects, and the half-abandoned skyscrapers of downtown Lagos Island loom under a low, dirty sky. Around the city, garbage dumps steam with the combustion of natural gases, and auto yards glow with fires from fuel spills. All of Lagos seems to be burning.

Recently, it seems that things might have improved. For a city known for lawlessness and disorder, it’s a true accomplishment that Lagos now boasts its first ever bus rapid transit line. The bus line became an immediate success, improving the commute of thousands of people in a city where formal services were non-existent.

Below, I’ve included some photographs of the new system taken by Sam Zimmerman of the World Bank.





Also, here’s a link to a presentation made by Dayo Mobereola from Lagos State Government on the new system.

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  • trennnnnnnnnn

    thanks cuntos

  • John Ekundayo

    Thank you for these pictures. Showing something good about Nigeria.
    Please continue the good works.
    I will new these pictures as I am doing a research on Fashola’s leadership for my PhD.

    John Ekundayo

  • tokurah barry

    i recently completed a project on the study of the role of BRT on the effectiveness of public transport in lagos state. And to access the situation,260 copies of questionaires were distributed to commuters. using random techniques, the data was analyzed. findings revealed that transport development can be significantly improved with the adoption of the appropriate transport policy, and it was therefor recommended among others that there should be proper planning, forcasting and replenishment capability on the part of transport managers so as to enhance logistic efficiently.

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  • Dickson A

    More information on AGO,DPK and PMS. 33,000 litters and above in Lagos Please contact

    Dickson on 08067904525

  • Charles Kateeba

    It ia great to hear some positive out of Lagos.having lived in Ibadan for 3years and suffered the catastrophic traffic logjams of lagos often, I couldn’t be more happy for lagosians.

  • tab897

    about time too, very well done. After maybe 6 months its success will spawn other things to be sorted out like railways completed and roads (properly maintained roads), traffic lights, sewage and of course permanent electricity. Slowly but surely.

  • May God continue to give good leaders in Lagos State wisdom to deliver good things like “very low housing scheme” I say very low, because there should be very low scheme housing for ordinary petty traders, who are casting votes for elite leaders. BRT is very good and available to all, please extend it to MUSHIN and IDUMOTA. Mushin need it because we too vote like Ikorodu Road people. EKO O NI BAJE




    BUS RAPID TRANSIT (BRT)had encouraged the use of public transport by providing safe and cost effective transport system.People can now get to where they are going as fast and cheap as possible. But i still want the BRT managers to be customer focused.The BRT personnel should be trained more on customers relation. This is my frank opinion. Thank you.

  • Tokurah barry

    hi the bus rapid transit is a good idea by the state government, and i think it will go a long way in helping the citizens, but there should be no reason for people to stand under the sun in ojota, and else where waiting for the buses when it is suppose to be like every 5min a bus is at its terminal, well the government should make it more efficient, so it can be depended on. it is a good idea.

  • Areoye Simeon

    well, i think its a beautiful idea, but to further enhance rapid movement, the road in which the BRT road was incorporated should be widened!

  • Ade Ade

    There is another alternative on it’s way. Imagine a stress free sail. You read it first!

  • Very promising to see Lagos doing better than Delhi with its BRT.

    I linked to this from a 3 June posting on Lagos BRT at my blog, Reinventing Urban Transport.

  • Deejay owolabi

    Well, I will have to say that the BRT is a very good initiative of the current administration of Lagos State. However, more needs to be done to make the scheem an absolute success. There is no way on earth, the BRT system wil run concurrently with the Molues’ plying the roads of Lagos state. Something decisive has to be done to make the BRT the only public transportation system in Lagos State.

  • The course of BRT is a good one I must commend. This, since its inception has reduced the transportation problems of Lagosians. However, I will request that the an enforcement agencies be employed to monitor the dedicated lanes as earlier problems by the Lagos State Government. The routes in question are Berger-Tollgate-Ketu/Alapere – TBS. And moreso, the cleaning of the buses should be paramount.

    Thank you.

  • I quite like the BRT, it is a very good initiative, however, there is need to extend it to other areas in Lagos. It will also be good if effective monitoring of the drivers is available to check rough driving.