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Bangkok's Train Market

This video is amazing! It shows a market in Bangkok, Thailand that operates literally on top of the train tracks.

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  • As for Mixed use, try the Skytrain i bangkok. You can take your cat for a haircut in the station! This is a picture I took in the skytrain….

  • This is not the only moving object with these properties. An old train in Manila ran by a large area inhabited by squatters. They used to throw their trash on the top of the train, a kind of mobile dispos-ile. The train operators got wise and reshaped the train’s roof into a triangle, so that anything tossed up fell, often on the other side.
    The point, of course is that space, whether stationary or mobile, is scarce!

    Here’s another interesting train image from India:

  • Jefferson

    Wow, that’s what I call mixed-use!