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Photo by Lee Shaver.
Participatory Maps for Inclusive Cities
Urban planners, designers and architects have their work cut out for them. The rate of urbanization around the world means that we have to reconfigure the way we think, design and plan cities. It is not like starting from scratch ...
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Can India transform its planning practices to equally represent the voices of the most marginalized groups? Photo by ILRI.
Inclusive Planning: How Can Indian Cities Lead the Way?
The urbanization boom in India is not taking place without heated discussions and an attempt at inclusive planning. If crafted correctly, Indian cities can serve as role models in participatory planning. In fact, many India-based projects and enterprises are leading ...
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Photo by anna.
Making Room for Delhi’s Bicycle Culture
New York City last month announced the launch of its new bike sharing program. What is the feasibility for bike sharing in a city like Delhi, where during post-monsoon season, biking is a more affordable and accessible transport mode? Bike sharing could ...
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Monsoon rains can bring a city like New Delhi to a standstill. Photo by Shriya Malhotra.
Monsoons and Recurring Transport Nightmares for Delhi
Monsoons are a seasonal reality for Indian cities. These rains vary by region and extend from June to September. The rains are not heavy in all places and do not fall all the time. Yet every year, the experience for ...