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Da Nang, Vietnam. Photo by Jean-Pierre Bluteau / Flickr
Voices of Efficiency: Dinh Quang Cuong, Amit Prothi and Da Nang’s Plans for a Resilient, Efficient Economy
The government of Da Nang, Vietnam has prioritized building efficiency as part of its new Resilience Strategy to address public health and economic risks from climate change. In 2016, the city began working with the global Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA) ...
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In the lead up the COP21, some countries, such as Jordan, are including building efficiency upgrades in their plans to decrease emissions. Photo by Justin A. Wilcox/Flickr
Buildings and National Climate Commitments: What You Need to Know Before the Global Climate Change Conference (COP21)
TheCityFix is covering cities at COP21. Urban areas account for a large share of greenhouse gas emissions but are also tremendous agents of innovation to address climate change. Read our full coverage of the Paris Climate Conference as it relates to cities, buildings, and mobility. In anticipation ...