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A red bus passes children in uniforms. Transport and integration with the city is key in providing accessibility for all. Photo by Greg Younger.
UN World Habitat Day stresses importance of urban mobility
  Today is the United Nations’ World Habitat Day – a day established to reflect on the state of our cities and towns, and remind us of our shared responsibility for their stewardship. On this day, UN-HABITAT is releasing the ...
Accessibility for all
Accessibility for all
In order for a system to be truly accessible, it must be accessible at all links in the transport chain. Photo by EMBARQ. Ten percent of the world’s population has a disability. That’s 650 million people, 80% of whom live ...
Beijing, China moving toward the future. Photo by Stuck in Customs.
Science Fiction vs. Reality on the Streets of Tomorrow’s New Cities
In Guy Montag’s city, it is illegal to be a pedestrian. The main character in Ray Bradbury’s 1953 dystopian American classic, Fahrenheit 451, commutes by subway. He thinks little of the circumstances and of the culture which gave rise to ...
Mexico City Photo by Pulpolux !!!
Returning to the Tradition of Sustainable Urban Development in Mexico City
Nestled within Mexico City and home to approximately 1.2 million residents, Ciudad Neza has grown into one of Latin America’s largest slums. Salvador Herrera, Deputy Director of EMBARQ Mexico, remembers a time when Mexico City led the world in the ...
Copenhagen, Denmark is often cited as a sustainable city. Photo of Copenhagen's Central Station by Frank Schmidt.
What does good urban development mean to you?
Urbanization offers a tremendous opportunity to support a growing global population efficiently and humanely. Developing countries alone are expected to build more new city-area during the two decades leading up to 2030 than all of humanity has built throughout history ...
Making transport planning a participatory and engaging process can result in sustainable transport and offer better quality of life. Photo by rogiro.
Urban mobility UN-Habitat quick guides open for review
Two guides on urban mobility planning prepared by EMBARQ are now open for review. Two more guides will be released later today. The revised versions will then be released in March as part of a UN-Habitat-EMBARQ partnership. The recommendations from ...
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