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Ljubljana recently won the European Green Capital 2016 Award based on its comprehensive approach to sustainable development, which has transformed urban life in the past decade while minimizing the city's environmental impact. Photo by Rhobinn/Flickr.
Sustainable development and integrated planning mark Europe’s new green capital
Ljubljana, Slovenia has won the 2016 European Green Capital Award, given annually by the European Commission to cities that set an example of sustainable urban development best practices. With an ambitious sustainability plan and that has led to significant improvements in the ...
Urban design has a large impact on lifestyle, with bike lanes and pedestrian pathways promoting healthy behaviors for city residents across Brazil. Photo by Raul/Flickr.
Creating active cities and healthy citizens through innovative urban design
Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, killing as many as 17 million people each year. Sedentary, inactive lifestyles are a major contributor to this rise in cardiovascular disease – stress, pollution, poor diet, and lack ...
Crowded and chaotic streets in Rio de Janeiro underscore why Brazil has such a significant road safety challenge. Photo by Yukun Chen/Flickr.
Maio Amarelo: Raising awareness for road safety in Brazil
Raising awareness and tapping into public sentiment is essential to making inroads against any major threat to public health. October, for example, is breast cancer awareness month and in November we remember all those lost to prostate cancer. Now, the ...
Friday Fun: Brighten up the road in the name of bike safety
Friday Fun: Brighten up the road in the name of bike safety
It’s no secret that visibility is critical to bike safety, especially under dark nighttime skies. To help ensure that cyclists can be easily spotted by motorists in crowded streets, Wouter Walmink, Alan Chatham and Floyd Mueller of RMIT University in ...
Last week Porto Alegre, Brazil launched datapoa, a new open data portal that invites the city's residents to share information regarding several aspects of urban life - including mobility. Photo by EMBARQ.
Meet datapoa: Porto Alegre’s new open data portal
Last week Porto Alegre, Brazil launched datapoa, a new open data portal that gathers information directly from the city’s residents on themes including mobility, environment, geography, urban sanitation, and public health. The goal of datapoa is to encourage people to learn ...
Accessible Route (Rota Acessível), a new smartphone app in Brazil, allows users to report accessibility problems they encounter in cities. The app’s creation is an innovative way to identify the main accessibility challenges of Brazil’s urban residents. Photo by Gustavo Gomes.
Is crowdsourcing the next revolution in urban accessibility?
Urban residents worldwide encounter a myriad of accessibility challenges every day, many of which pose particular challenges to individuals with disabilities. In an effort to identify these daily challenges, a partnership between the Association for Assistance to Disabled Children (AACD) and IBM recently ...
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