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Two girls are cut off from the rest of their city by large highways and poor public transport. Image from "Overdrive."
Film puts a face on transport problems in Istanbul
Two girls sit on a swing set, their enormous smiles offsetting the disturbing scenery behind them – miles of highways surrounding their homes. Like 9 out of 10 of Istanbul’s citizens, their family doesn’t own a car. One girl explains, ...
Friday Fun: Five imaginary cities we wish we could visit
Friday Fun: Five imaginary cities we wish we could visit
Coruscant - Star Wars The Star Wars city of Coruscant is so massive, it requires a new urban planning term: “ecumenopolis” – a city that covers the entire planet. The capital of the galaxy for millennia, Coruscant gives a whole new ...
Shanghai from above. Photo by Mike Hedge.
Friday Fun: A bird’s eye view
It can be disorienting to view familiar cities from above. The details that seem to define cities while we move through them on the ground are missing. Instead, shapes representing streets and buildings emerge, almost abstract. But we can tell ...
Friday Fun: 589 reasons to bicycle to work
Friday Fun: 589 reasons to bicycle to work
There are many reasons to commute to work by bicycle. One commuter, Tim Goldby, recently demonstrated a great reason: it is often faster to commute by bicycle than by car. You can watch as Goldby zooms by 589 cars on ...
The EcoMobility World Festival has turned one neighborhood in Suwong, South Korea, into car-free city for one month. Photo by ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability.
Friday Fun: One month as a city of the future
For the month of September, Suwon, South Korea has transformed into a city of the future. 18 miles south of Seoul, Suwon is the capital city of the province of Gyeonggi-do, and is home to over one million inhabitants. Suwon ...
Traffic accidents are a leading cause of death in Lima, Peru. Photo by Pool Ramirez.
“Don’t Drive Here”: Television takes on road safety in Peru
In a new Discovery Channel show, host Andrew Younghusband drives viewers through some of the world’s most dangerous streets. In a recent episode, Younghusband focuses on the traffic dangers in Lima, Peru, the city with the highest number of traffic ...
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