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Green spaces in cities, such as New York's High Line, promote an active, sustainable lifestyle for city residents. Photo by David Berkowitz/Flickr.
World Urban Forum highlights opportunities for sustainable cities
In recent months, popular protests have broken out in cities around the globe. The causes were different: soaring pollution in Beijing; violent gender-based crime in New Delhi; and access to public services in São Paulo. But, for each, inequality was ...
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India faces a choice: It could either continue to build increasingly sprawling and inefficient cities or embrace well-designed and people-focused models. Photo by Padmanaba01.
Smart urban design for India’s sustainable future
Indore’s new Bus Rapid Transit system, the iBus, recently completed a successful run of a hundred days. This system is not just a first in the city, but also in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The iBus spans an 11.4-kilometer ...
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Transmilenio buses ready to meet peak traffic demand, Bogotá, Colombia. Photo by Gerardo Arévalo Tamayo.
C40 Shows How Cities Can Lead on Climate Change Solutions
A message from Manish Bapna of the World Resources Institute. Originally posted on When it comes to changing the way we use energy, cities are at the center of the action. On June 2nd, I had the pleasure of ...