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Bike-sharing set to expand in Sao Paulo. Photo by Fora do Eixo.
São Paulo to integrate bike-sharing with other modes in a single transport pass
With each passing day, the bike is increasingly becoming part of the urban landscape of São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city. Desiring to more fully integrate bikes as a transport mode – not just recreation – the city of São Paulo ...
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Cycling in Moema, south of São Paulo, Brazil. Photo by Blog do Mílton Jung.
Sedentary lifestyle kills more than smoking
Some actions, such as hopping in your car to go to the bakery, may be putting your life at risk. This week in the online journal, Galileu, Professor I-Min Lee, from the School of Public Health at Harvard University, draws ...
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Campaign launch, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
Belo Horizonte, Brazil, begins campaign to respect pedestrians
Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has taken an important step in protecting its pedestrians. Two weeks ago, the capital of the eponymous Brazilian state launched the campaign, “Pedestrians. I respect” (“Pedestre. Eu Respeito”) on city streets. The launch of the program is ...
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Mexico City. Photo by Matthew Winterburn.
Air Quality: Examples of Success in Major Urban Centers
This post was originally published in Portuegese on TheCityFix Brasil on June 8, 2011. About 7,000 people die per year in the state of Sao Paulo due to  air pollution, according Paulo Saldiva, doctor, professor and expert of Environmental Pollution. The number scares ...
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