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Istanbul, Turkey. Photo by Gabriel Garcia Marengo/Flickr
Urban Planning “Games”: A Novel Approach to an Old Problem
How do you liven up discussions around urban planning, get participants thinking outside of the box and get people to take a holistic and inclusive approach to community planning? Why not try a game? Games are emerging as a useful ...
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Istanbul, Turkey is the host city of the Livable Cities Symposium, which will be held on Wednesday, November 20. The main goal of the Symposium is for experts and stakeholders in sustainable urban development to identify and define the key components of a livable city. Photo by Marco.
Defining a #livablecity in Turkey and beyond
How livable is the city you live in? What should a livable city look like? How do we improve quality of life for urban residents? On Wednesday, November 20, the Livable Cities Symposium in Istanbul, Turkey will explore these questions ...